Claytor Nature Center: Site 2 River Bank Spring 2022

River headwaters in temperate forest of Virginia, USA
You are on the banks of the Big Otter River, which is part of the Roanoke River watershed. Here, you are not far from the river’s headwaters in the Blue Ridge mountains. This portion of the river experiences seasonal flooding that changes the shape of the sandy beach below you throughout the year.

Viewing Tips: After starting the video, click on the gear icon “⚙️” in the lower right corner of your screen. Set the video quality to 2160s (4k) for the highest resolution. Under the settings, you may also adjust playback speed or turn on closed-captions. Use your mouse to toggle the screen to change the view. If viewing on mobile, click on the VR icon ‘🥽’ on the lower right side or under the video settings to view in stereoscopic mode.

The Virtual Field’s 360 Degree Video Project Series allows viewers to develop their own powers of observation by studying the environments of the earth.

Each 5-min 360 degree video is filmed by staff or researchers at field stations, marine laboratories or protected areas around the globe. Each site is recorded during one year at the summer and winter solstices and spring and fall equinoxes to allow students to study seasonal variation. Video guides teach students to observe, question, measure and summarize results.

The Virtual Field ( is a coalition of 50+ field stations and marine laboratories around the globe creating virtual teaching materials that introduce students to field research and observation. Projects are funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and is a collaborative project of the Organization of Biological Field Stations.


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