The True Scale of Ocean Pollution

Today we’re investigating the many different ways the ocean has been polluted, using a book I’ve been reading lately, The Swarm by Frank Schatzing, as my guide! Join me in the wonderful world of dumping all your problems into the ocean, where nuclear submarine, mustard gas, sulfuric acid, and heaps and heaps of trash are only the tip of the iceberg.

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Special thanks the @Stefan Milo for lending his voice to author of The Swarm Frank Schatzing!

Check out the interactive map of chemical weapons dumping here:


“Deliberate Thought” by Kevin Macleod

Sources / Further Reading:,Diversity%20sent%20Montrose%20Chemical%20Corp.&text=facility%20to%20barges%2C%20where%20they,ocean%20near%20Santa%20Catalina%20Island.—exhaustion-of-marine-resources-are-inhibiting-market-growth-300791788.html


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